Neighborhood Spotlight October 21, 2019

Neighborhood Spotlight: West Central/Kendall Yards

West Central is the most booming neighborhood in all of Spokane – all thanks to the newer Kendall Yards development. This development is revitalizing the neighborhood: giving it a new life, new visitors and new retail spots and restaurants. 

West Central is just north of the Spokane River, meaning it’s minutes from downtown Spokane and offers gorgeous views of the city and water. The Kendall Yards development has been a long time coming: the land was purchased about 20 years ago but the first shops went in about seven years ago. With the huge investment that Kendall Yards is, property values in West Central are going up and the area is growing extremely fast.



In the late 1800s it was an area only reached by a ferry. People who came over noticed the amazing views and by 1909, it was Spokane’s newest and hottest suburb. On the far west side of West Central was an amusement park that was very Coney Island-like. It was first called Ingersoll’s and then was renamed Natatorium Park when an Olympic-sized pool was built – and filled with river water – and they wanted a new, “fancy” name for it. The Looff Carousel (which is now at Riverfront Park) was a staple of the park. There were also various rides, rollercoasters, and a baseball park. Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio even played there! However, once TV came around and more people stayed inside, the park lost its luster and closed in 1968.


Top Spots


Best restaurant goes to The Wandering Table. The food here is SO GOOD and I highly recommend getting the chef’s pick. The chef knows what he’s doing: Adam Hegsted is a James Beard Award Finalist and has won many awards for his cooking. You won’t leave disppointed!


Best activity goes to the Kendall Yards Night Market. It’s every Wednesday evening from May to September. There’s live music, lots of food trucks and dozens of vendors lining the streets, selling their locally made goods.


Finally, best coffee goes to Indaba. It’s on the west side of Kendall Yards. The coffee is phenomenal and smooth, but the kicker? It shares its space with a donut shop! Hello Sugar features amazing, uniquely flavored donuts that won’t disappoint.  



As far as schools go, students in the area typically head to Holmes Elementary, then on to Glover Middle School and North Central High School. For more information on any of these schools, click on the links above.


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