Neighborhood Spotlight December 13, 2019

Neighborhood Spotlight: Emerson-Garfield

Fun Facts

Emerson-Garfield is one of the original neighborhoods in Spokane. Most of the homes were built in the early 1900s, but the neighborhood wasn’t officially established as a neighborhood until 1976. The neighborhood gets its name from a combination of the first two elementary schools there. The Corbin Park Historic District made its way onto the Spokane and the National Historic Registers in the 1990s. You probably are well-aware that North Monroe Street got a massive makeover last year. It’s a major transportation corridor, boasting awesome shops from antique shops to restaurants and everything in between.


Top Spots

Best Restaurant

Best restaurant goes to Ruins. It’s a casual spot featuring awesome cocktails and a rotating menu of creative, local grown food with a new theme each week. The food is always so good and it’s always fun to try something new each time you go in!

Best Activity

This one goes to Corbin Park. This park is a great spot for a picnic lunch and then the kids can run around and play! Plus, did you know it was once a 40-acre oval race track? Horses, bikes and people all ventured to the park to get their race on from 1887 to 1899. Then the park was purchased by a wealthy developer, who decided to make it a residential area, and the homes around the park were built starting in 1913.

Best Coffee Shop

And finally, best coffee shop? Vessel Coffee Roasters. Their coffee is all roasted in-house and is super smooth. They have a very simple menu, but everything is done exceptionally well.



As far as schools in the area go, kids typically head to Garfield or Audubon elementary schools, then head  to Glover Middle School and North Central High School. Click the links in the previous sentence for more information on those schools.


This is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Spokane, but there are many more areas to dive deeper into! Catch the next Welcome Mat to find out which neighborhood is next. To see previous neighborhoods featured in the Neighborhood Spotlight, click here.