Real Estate Agents April 28, 2017

Why use a real estate agent?

Today we’re going to answer the classic question: “Do I really need to hire a real estate agent?!” I know DIY is all the rage right now…but try to resist when it comes to selling or buying one of the biggest purchases of your life…and here’s why:


Paperwork on paperwork on paperwork…there’s a lot of it. Your agent will help you through those stacks of paperwork, and make sure you don’t miss anything – because no one wants a closure delay thanks to a missing signature or document that slipped through the cracks. Once a contract has been accepted, it’s our job to stay in communication with the other professionals involved and make sure timelines are being met, that there aren’t any title issues, and that all the financing is squared away.

Searching power

Yes, Zillow and Trulia are great tools for somethings…and also not for others. We have tools, like the MLS, that are up-to-date. We also have access to a lot of listings that are available, but not being advertised.


We know people. Besides knowing all the “coming-on-the-market soon” homes within our offices, we know professionals in other venues. Lenders, title companies, home inspectors, real estate attorneys, interior designers… you get it.


You home needs to be priced right from the get-go; a price that will attract the right buyers in the shortest amount of time. And real estate agents aren’t emotionally invested in your home – so you’re guaranteed to get the dirty details as to your property’s actual value.


The same emotionally-invested speech goes with negotiation – and it’s about more than the price of the property. You can be the most level-headed person you know, but when you’re arguing with a seller about fixing or not fixing the 3-thousand dollar furnace…sometimes it’s hard to be objective. You don’t want the other party to know you’re upset or not upset about something…so let your agent give them the poker face. In today’s market there can easily be 4, 5, 6 offers on a house…and things get heated. Let us take that heat.


A good agent knows the importance of marketing aggressively. It’s not just promoting a house as is, taking some photos and posting it online. It’s recommending staging techniques to make your home appeal to buyers, getting professional-quality photos and weeding through potential buyers so you’re only dealing with serious ones.

Your guide, expert and therapist

We wear a lot of different hats. We’re giving sage advice (if I do say so myself), making connections, spending our own money on marketing and researching the neighborhood to make sure you’re getting the best deal you can. Whether you have a question about the property two years after closing or just someone to put your mind at ease about your offer at 9 at night… we’re just a phone call away. All agents should understand that this is incredibly emotional…and the biggest purchase of your life. Guiding you through it isn’t something good Realtors take lightly.

The Bottom Line

Think hard about the time and effort you want to spend. You won’t replace your car’s transmission without a trusted mechanic… so why make one of the most important financial decisions of your life without hiring a real estate professional?

Next week we’ll chat about finding a high-quality agent: what to look for and runaway NOW signs. 

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