BuyersSellers January 4, 2018

Moving Checklist: Things to remember when moving

When moving, there is a LOT to keep in mind. Here is a moving checklist and some helpful tips for when you are when planning a move:

Switch Your Utilities

About a week or so before your closing date, call your utility company and either cancel your old service (if you’re moving to an area where this utility company does not serve) or transfer it. Most service providers have the ability for you to do this online. (In the Spokane area? Here is a link to Avista’s moving site:

Change Your Address

Next make sure to change your address with…a lot of places. Here are several:

  • Post Office: You can do this by heading to and filling out an online form.  Your mail will get forwarded to your new address and then you can remember to change your address on the forwarded pieces of mail.
  • Driver’s License: You don’t need to pay for a new driver’s license, but make sure your address is changed in the system. In Washington, this has to be done within ten days of your move. You can notify the DMV of your new address online, by mail, or in person. (In Washington? Here is a link to update your address with the WA DMV:
  • Bank and Credit Card: You want to make sure your billing address is correct!

Those are some biggies. Head to this page to see a list of several more address changes to make! Go over this list and it will probably trigger a couple of “oh yeah, I forgot about that!” reminders.

Pack an “open first” box

You dont want to be opening already-sealed-up boxes on moving day, searching for something in order to take a shower or sleep. Set aside essentials and put anything you might need on the night before your move, on Moving day, and during the first couple of days in your new home in this box.

Change the locks

The seller’s may have left you with 8 different keys, but you never know how many keys are still floating around out there and who has them. Replacing the hardware yourself or via a locksmith will give you peace of mind.


Your escrow company typically handles your final water, sewer, garbage bill (or will switch those over to your name) at closing. Just verify and ask about that when you’re at the closing table.