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Neighborhood Spotlight Neighborhood Spotlight: Lincoln Heights  We are wrapping up our neighborhood spotlight series today! So to send it off, we’re heading up to the South Hill today to learn more about the Lincoln Heights neighborhood. Most people think of the Lincoln Heights shopping center when thinking about this area of town – because yes, 29th is a huge corridor […]
Neighborhood Spotlight Neighborhood Spotlight: Emerson-Garfield Fun Facts Emerson-Garfield is one of the original neighborhoods in Spokane. Most of the homes were built in the early 1900s, but the neighborhood wasn’t officially established as a neighborhood until 1976. The neighborhood gets its name from a combination of the first two elementary schools there. The Corbin Park Historic District made its way […]
Neighborhood Spotlight Neighborhood Spotlight: West Central/Kendall Yards  West Central is the most booming neighborhood in all of Spokane – all thanks to the newer Kendall Yards development. This development is revitalizing the neighborhood: giving it a new life, new visitors and new retail spots and restaurants.  West Central is just north of the Spokane River, meaning it’s minutes from downtown Spokane […]
Neighborhood Spotlight Neighborhood Spotlight: Manito/Cannon Hill  We are smack in the middle of highlighting different neighborhoods in and around Spokane. Today were jumping into the gorgeous and historic neighborhood of Manito and Cannon Hill. Manito Park isn’t just the main area of the neighborhood – it’s the center of the whole South Hill. When residents of the South Hill are […]
Neighborhood Spotlight Neighborhood Spotlight: Indian Trail We’re in the middle of the Neighborhood Spotlight series – showing off different neighborhoods around Spokane. So the next up in this feature is Indian Trail. This neighborhood has grown a lot over the last few years, with several new apartment complexes and duplexes going in. It’s about a 20 minute drive northwest of downtown […]
Neighborhood Spotlight Neighborhood Spotlight: Garland District A little more than a year ago, I did a Neighborhood Spotlight series showcasing several neighborhoods in and around Spokane. It was so popular that I decided to do it again! Over the next few weeks, we’ll dive in to Indian Trail, Millwood, Shadle, a couple South Hill neighborhoods and more! This week, we’re diving […]
Neighborhood Spotlight Facts about Spokane Maybe you’ve lived in Spokane your whole life or maybe you’re new to the area and just started to explore this wonderful city. Here are some fun facts and a little history I bet you didn’t know about Spokane. Birthplace of Father’s Day Spokane is actually the birthplace of Father’s Day! The very first Father’s […]
Neighborhood Spotlight Neighborhood Spotlight: Cheney Cheney was established back in the late 1800s, and ties to education, agriculture and rail are what helped the town become what it is. Cheney is mostly known as a college town, since it’s home to Eastern Washington University – but there’s also a huge military population here, since it’s only 7 miles from Fairchild […]
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Neighborhood Spotlight Neighborhood Spotlight: Eagle Ridge The Eagle Ridge neighborhood is one of the newest in Spokane, with gorgeous new homes close to Spokane. It’s peaceful without being remote. Eagle Ridge is only five miles from Spokane – but still so close to nature. There’s more than five miles of paved trails in the area, and about 150 acres of forested […]
Neighborhood Spotlight Neighborhood Spotlight: Liberty Lake   Known for – big surprise here – its gorgeous lake and waterfront properties, Liberty Lake is right on the Idaho border and home to about 8,000 people. Liberty Lake was officially incorporated back in 2001. There are plenty of houses along the lake that were built in the 70s, but a majority of homes in […]
Neighborhood Spotlight Neighborhood Spotlight: Perry District In the last 5 to 10 years, this South Hill neighborhood has become one of Spokane’s hippest, featuring hot restaurants and trendy retailers. This neighborhood was born, if you will, back in the 1920s. But about ten years ago it was given a facelift from the city with new streets and sidewalks. Like a domino […]
Neighborhood Spotlight Neighborhood Spotlight: Browne’s Addition Just south of the Spokane River and west of downtown Spokane, Browne’s Addition was established in the late 1800s. It was the first neighborhood home to Spokane’s elite, and anyone who takes a drive through the neighborhood knows this. Massive, elegant mansions – many of which have now been turned into apartments – line the […]
Neighborhood Spotlight Neighborhood Spotlight: Five Mile This beautiful, fast-growing neighborhood is one of the newest in Spokane, boasting gorgeous homes and landscaping. Five mile is a up on a plateau, so the views of Spokane are unrivaled. It’s in such a convenient location, only five miles from downtown Spokane – surprise, surprise – and if you go down the north side […]
Neighborhood Spotlight Neighborhood Spotlight: Audubon For the next few weeks, I’ll be highlighting different neighborhoods around Spokane. I’ll give you the top restaurants, things to do and where you can find info on the schools. The first up in our Neighborhood Spotlight series is one of the hottest neighborhoods on the market: the Audubon neighborhood. What’s it like? With massive […]