Buyers Spokane County Housing Market Report Here is a look at the Spring 2021 Spokane County housing market, prepared by Windermere Chief Economist Matthew Gardner.  
Buyers KXLY: Houses Selling at Record Prices in Spokane SPOKANE, Wash. — We’ve seen how COVID-19 has changed almost everything this year, but that doesn’t apply to the housing market. Homes are selling at record prices across Spokane and really across the entire U.S. One Spokane family was in a bid with about five others for their “dream home”, just to find out they […]
Buyers Matthew Gardner’s 2019 Q4 Report: Eastern WA                 Click here to download full PDF: Gardner Report Q4, 2019_Eastern Washington PDF      
Buyers Final walkthrough: When does it happen and what to look for So your offer has been accepted, you have gone through the inspection, and the appraisal came in at-value. You’re just a signing away from homeownership. Oh, and something your real estate agent calls a “final walkthrough.”  Let’s dive into what a final walk-through is, when it’s done and the most common issues that crop up […]
Sellers First steps toward selling a house So you’ve decided to sell your house. Well, now what? Today we’re going over how to get the ball rolling and what you need to do before all those potential buyers come traipsing through your door. First you need to get ahold of an agent who knows what they’re doing! The first step is for […]
Sellers Cautions against listing “for sale by owner” So you’re thinking of selling your house and going “for-sale-by-owner.” I know it sounds like a good idea: you know, saving on all those real estate agent fees. In theory, that may sound like a good idea, but here’s why most for-sale-by-owners regret the decision and why you might want to reconsider. Pricing Pricing is […]
Sellers When’s the best time to sell a house? We are in full winter-mode: I’m talking hot chocolate, snow and Santa. It’s not typically a time most people consider putting their house on the market. Around this time of the year, lots of people say “we want to list our home, but we’re going to wait until spring.” So today we’re diving into the […]
Sellers Why isn’t my house selling? You’ve heard the news: it’s a seller’s market and homes are flying off the shelves. You decided to list your house, but its been on the market for a few weeks now with no offers and only a handful of showings. Why is that? Here are some reasons your house might not be selling as […]
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Buyers Fall activities around Spokane   Life just seems to slow down during fall time in the Pacific Northwest. Here are a few local day trips that are fun for the whole family: Green Bluff It’s all about harvest time up at Green Bluff right now. Green Bluff is a grower’s association of about three dozen family farms (plus many […]
Buyers HOAs: What’s the point?   Some neighborhoods have this little thing called a homeowners association. Some people believe HOAs are a helpful organization to keep everything in the neighborhood uniform and looking its best. Others see them as an annoying $200-ish bill you have to pay to have someone tell you what you can’t do to your own property. […]
Buyers Square footage: What counts and what doesn’t? So you want a house that is 2,000 square feet – but does that include the garage? How about the unfinished basement? Or the attic? Today we’re diving in to what’s included in square footage and what isn’t. How square footage is typically measured by an appraiser: Measure the shell of the house from the […]
Sellers Small home updates with big returns Before listing your house, there are always things to do: a little paint, get the carpets shampooed, clean every nook and cranny, etc. But there are additional things you can do to wow potential buyers and maybe even get some extra dough. Here are some small updates with major returns: Kitchen This is where people […]
Sellers Should sellers leave room for negotiation? When listing your house and trying to figure out the “magic price,” a lot of people assume they should list higher than what they’d like to get because they can just come down in price. In other words “leave some room for negotiations.” We’re diving into why that is not the best technique and can […]
Buyers Home values: The difference between market, appraised, and assessed values   This week is about the value of houses. What is the assessed value, what’s market value and what is the appraisal value…and why are they all different numbers?! The market value is whatever a buyer is willing to pay for something. When you first decide to sell your house and you hire an agent, […]
Sellers What is my house worth?   Every homeowner wants to know what their home is worth. Unfortunately, this frequently asked question can’t be responded to with a generalized answer. The good news? Finding out how much your home is worth is as simple as asking a local real estate agent. The best way to find out the value of a […]
Buyers Should it stay or should it go? Today we’re diving into a common question I get from both buyers and sellers: does (insert item here) stay with the house or does the seller get to keep it? If an item is valuable or sentimental…you can run into a lot of problems when the buyer expects an item to be there and it’s […]
Buyers How to choose a real estate agent So you’ve decided to buy a house or sell your current one. Now you need to find an agent. How do you get started? Here are some tips and things you should look for when choosing a real estate agent: Know the difference between Realtors and plain ol’ real estate agents. Realtors are real estate […]
Buyers Closing costs: What am I expected to pay? It’s pretty expensive to buy and/or sell a house – and I’m not just talking about the purchase price. There are fees tacked on, but who pays for what? And what are the fees for? Today we’re diving into closing costs and what each party can expect to pay. Both buyers and sellers typically both […]
Buyers What makes a bedroom, a bedroom? It’s probably happened to you before: you’re hunting for your next home, you find an awesome listing advertised with 4 bedrooms and it’s perfect!…but then you walk in…and two of those “bedrooms” aren’t more than the size of the bathroom. Plus, there’s no window or closet. Is it really a bedroom? Well today we’re diving […]
Buyers Address changes to make when moving Here are a list of some address changes to remember to make when moving: The post office: Log on to or go to your local branch to fill out a change of address form and arrange for mail forwarding. The IRS: Print out and mail in the IRS’ Change of Address form. Utility companies: […]